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August 13, 2010


Dana Lehman

These look delicious, Kylie! I'm looking forward to trying some. Has AB ever had pickles?

Bev Mohler

These look pretty tasty. They remind me of my grandma's green beans. She always served them cold in a tasty vinigrette. The first time Marty had them he loaded up his plate (thinking they were warm) and just about lost it when he took his first bite:-) It was more of the shock of them being cold then the taste.


(I cannot get typepad to recognize my blogger address and I cannot get google to switch me out of my husband's account - argh!).

I bet these are good - I've never had them, but I canned lots of cucumbers using this recipe. It's my very favorite and I could never go back to commercial dills again.

If you need any more ideas for your green beans, we really like the Bermuda Green Bean salad in Moosewood - it's just blanched beans in a vinaigrette with onions and cheese. I consider Mollie Katzen a genius with flavors.


Thank you for the green bean recipe idea. I do need more ideas, I need to go out and pick beans again today. The fire company was getting rid of a nice, solid wood 5 shelf bookcase and told us we could take it. We moved it to the basement last night so now all of my canned goods can fit on one shelf. It's wonderful to see what I have and how many shelves I have left to fill! I need to get more tomatoes to do salsa the next couple of weeks.

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